Business Growth Advisory

Business decisions are crucial in determining the growth prospects. Seeking expert and professional business advice is therefore inevitable in many cases. Genius visionary is based on the vision of helping out growing businesses in devising their business decisions that maximizes their profits and outreach.  

Maintaining a healthy business status 

Business growth is essentially a positively ascending graph across time. However, maintaining a constant status in the short run at least is mandatory for every business to survive. Our experts ensure that YOUR profits, revenues, customers and all other KPIs are at the right position through you short and long-term growth charts.  

Proactive decision making 

We extend a proactive and realistic approach for taking business decisions that may incorporate the upcoming disruptions in the industry within the business model. We prepare businesses to accept the challenges expected in the market so that they may not lag behind their peers when the actual incident happens. 
Key performance indicators 

We analyze the existing key performance indicators of our clients’ businesses and identify the areas of improvement. A detailed analysis shows how changes in business growth can be tracked over a period of time. We ensure that the business growth advisory is producing positive results in terms of the positive impact on the relevant KPIs. This includes both Financial and non-financial KPI’s for example; cash flow, expenses, inventory and sales, marketing, productivity, and customer satisfaction. We strive to set attainable targets that lead the businesses to achieve their short and long-term goals. 


Business Consulting

When Genius Visionary is trusted with the job of business consulting, you are actually hiring a team of entrepreneurs, attorneys, accountants and executive advisors. This leaves no room for any doubt in the capabilities of our company in giving you the experienced advice.


Management consulting services


We deal with all the relevant critical issues and opportunities a business might face. This includes consultancy in the following areas across all industries.


·        Business strategy
·        Customer strategy and marketing
·        Organization
·        Operations
·        Advanced analytics
·        Information technology
·        Transformation
·        Digital services
·        Corporate finance
·        Mergers & acquisitions
·        Performance improvement
·        Sustainability


Business development and change management


Our services also cover the strategic and modeling areas. These include;


·        Change management
·        Project management
·        Business development
·        Enterprise architecture


And all the other relevant fields crucial for businesses. We aim to bring value to your business. Our experts therefore are always ready to extend their valuable support for all your business problems.


Management of bits


Our team considers every bit and piece that affects your business in any way. We then provide a comprehensive solution to the problems you are facing making sure that none of the factors are ruled out. We apply a holistic approach in identifying the hidden potential in your business processes and find a way to explore it.





Business Coaching

Business coaching is the practical perspective to the business consulting side. It helps your business grow through targeting professional and personal development. Whereas, business consulting is related to advice and brainstorming to plan and implement business processes. We at Genius Visionary provide you a combination of both the services.  

Achieve more in less time 

Business coaching shows the way forward to achieve your targets and goals. Business goals are the ultimate destination every business pursues. Business coaching makes your journey smooth and easy towards your desired destination. We provide expert business coaching in view of your business goals and find the solution that would take you to your goals in least time possible.  

Target the policies for exponential growth 

Right policies take you to the right place in right time. We help you identify and embrace the business methodologies that support your goals and take you beyond.  Target the right policy that determines the exponential growth for your business. Our experts with their years of experience can help you follow in the footsteps of successful big businesses in the industry through optimizing your business processes accordingly. 

Small businesses or bigger corporations 

We extend our expert advice and valuable services to small business owners and big corporations alike. If you are a startup, you would need a robust policy to grow fast and vertically. Bigger established businesses need to maintain their current status as well as expand their growth further through personal and professional development. We understand the needs of every business be it of any size or belonging to any industry. 

Entity Structuring

It is important to choose the right entity structuring when starting your business, or review the status of your business’ entity structure later when it is established and running. The importance lies in mundane everyday operations, income tax policies, succession planning and Capital Gains Tax that vary from one type of entity structuring to the other.  

Choose the right entity structure 

Choosing the right legal structure not only imparts legal protection to your business but also provide you other financial benefits. Our experts help you decide the right entity structure for your business needs. We also review your existing structure and can provide you beneficial advice about whether you need to make any amendments or not.  

Sustainable in various situation 

It is vital that the business structure you choose for your business is compatible with different economic policies and conditions over time. Moreover, it is important that your business is least affected by changing financial scenarios in the industry. Therefore our consultants make you choose the best entity structure for your business that can secure your business during different situations in the long run.  

Review your existing structure 

It is never too late to start again. Our experts can run a health check on your existing legal structure and check if you not exposing your personal assets or paying too much tax. Some legal amendments may save you from extra costs you might be incurring on your business.  



Business Funding Advisory

A good investment consultant is the one who supports his/her client over the long period of time, actively monitoring their investments and optimize their processes according to the changes in business goals.  Our experts strive to serve this purpose for our valuable clients.  

Assessing your funding requirements 

Our experts begin by assessing your business needs and funding requirements. We therefore assist you in developing a finance strategy depending on this information. Design your business plan in a way that incorporates your funding policy well. Our expert advice optimizes your funding sources according to your business plan. 

Managing the funding process 

Our services does not only include business advisory. We also offer project management for managing your funding or finance process. We ensure that our support leads you at every step of the way. Therefore our experts guide you about the terms of negotiation with your funding clients and how to secure the funds in a subtle yet successful way. 

Other supporting services 

Our extensive support and funding services incorporate the following supporting services: 
• Debt funding 
• Business Expansion Scheme funds 
• Enterprise funds 
• Private equity and angel investors 
• Revenue refunds 



Partnering For Growth

Businesses today are cultivating a less centralized ecosystem. They are opting for partnerships, outsourcing and other collaborative options to grow together with others to achieve mutual interests. The focus today is mostly on hiring third party vendors such as service providers, hardware and software vendors, value-added resellers, two-tier distributors, managed service companies and referral evangelists, who support your business for good. In such a diverse industry, it is difficult to choose which partnerships may be fruitful for your business in both, short and long terms. We resolve this issue effectively. 

Choose the right partners 

Partnering for growth is the need of time. But choosing the right partners is essential. Not every third party vendor may suit your business. Neither every collaborative option might be suitable for you. We help you decide prudently what support services or product might pay you well in the long run.  

Reduce costs, gain more, and overcome your limitations 

Technological or physical, structural or human resource related constraints, leaving limitations to a third party resolves the issue. Partnerships and collaborations extend your business’ constraints and overcome the limitations that may hamper your growth. They also help reduce your business costs and increase your economic and functional gains.  

Joint ventures, and business partnerships 

Whether a joint venture is beneficial for your business model or not? How to plan your joint venture partnership? What negotiations do you need to make while pursuing a collaboration? All these questions are answered by our business analysts.  



Private Equity

Private markets are an arena for great financial opportunities. If managed well, you may reap worthy benefits from your private funds.  

Choose the right firm! 

There are a number of private firms calling for private equity investments. Choosing the best one for your financial assets is a challenge nonetheless. We offer professional and customized advice to resolve this issue.  

Bring value to your investment 

Investment is all about adding more value to your existing money. We help you invest at the right place to increase your private equity’s value and status. 

Mergers And Acquisitions

Closing on a merger or acquisition does not only require the right amount of finance or companies to partner with. You also need expert advice in order to close a deal that maximizes your benefits in the transition process. Our M&A services benefits buyers and sellers alike. 
This includes


Pre-transition services


We offer complete services for acquiring entity preparation regarding acquisition or mergers. Review of the recent deals in the marketplace, development of merger operations strategy, financial and strategic plan, deal financing, valuation and analytics.


Transition services


Our transition services includes all the services required to carry out the process of Merger or acquisition. For example, model target development, lead negotiations, asset management and others.


Post-transition services


We do not leave a job unless it is finished till the end. Our post transition services cover post-sale integration, post-transaction operations and other services required to finish the process of merger or acquisition.

Market Entry Strategies

Entering a new market, local or international is a risky task. We facilitate the entire market entry process from strategy development to its execution. Our experts make sure that the task given to us is met in all its entirety.  
Market Selection 
We help you find your most suitable markets. We take into account all the important factors like market size, growth prospects, competitor analysis, new product developments, demographics, business environment, and economic and other customer oriented factors vital for assessing market potential. 
Market Entry  
Our experts guide about the various ways to enter a market and what might be the most beneficial selection for your business. We help you grow your business by successful partnerships, export, licensing or other options that suits you best. 
Maximizing your assets’ value is the goal of every advisor. Our experts help you plan and design your market entry strategy using highly proven methods. Reviewing a company’s foundation before deciding for a new venture is essential. We therefore take a holistic approach and support your decisions in a practical and productive way. 

Powerful Exit Strategies

Whether you are an investor or trader, venture capitalist or business owner, if you are planning to liquidate any of your business that has served the purpose it was meant to; you are at the right place. A powerful exit strategy ensures the financial security of your assets at any cost. Whether disposing it through selling in open market, exchanging or any other way, our experts make sure the process is observed by fully securing your interests. 
Maximize your value


If a business has granted its full potential or is unfortunately not in a position to perform anymore, it is mostly advisable to amend your investment strategy by either selling the disadvantageous business or investing in other business. We tend to review your portfolio from different perspectives to assess their value and returns. In case of an under producing business, we advise a viable exit strategy that may maximize the value of your investments.


Right decision at the right time
Is it the right time to sell your business? Or sell your assets? Is liquidation a necessity or a choice? You may look for the answers to these questions with the open market brokers however, our experts can serve you well covering the financial as well as operational aspects of your exit planning. Right decision at the right time makes all the difference!


Financial protection


A powerful exit strategy ensures your financial protection as well as the growth and longevity of your business. Choose to take your exit decision in the right way so that all the stakeholders may benefit from the deal.




Energy Consulting

We strongly believe that investment in energy real assets open door to opportunities and business growth potential. This is a smart way to provide financial security to your business mode. We therefore offer extensive energy consulting services to those interested in investing their assets in energy assets. There are multiple ways to invest in Energy assets in USA. We provide you a detailed information regarding all the pros and cons of every opportunity and then let you make the best decision.  

Active risk management 

Our Energy consultants make sure that no high-risk investments are made and your assets are secure and maintained in a strong portfolio. They returns vary according to the risk factor involved however, we help you choose the right opportunity minimizing your risk factor.  

Asset-value investments 

Our consultation services are based upon the asset-value approach with focus on the direct ownership and investing opportunities in the market. We make sure that the full potential and value of your assets is realized through the investment opportunities in energy private equity. 

Flexible investment plan 

Our consultants work to find a flexible investment plan based upon your asset type and investment structure. Energy real assets investment can be done in multiple ways. We try to provide expert advice in managing your assets in the energy industry in the most suitable way. Keeping in mind your preferences, employing a flexible investment approach is our goal.  


E-Commerce Strategies 

E-commerce is beefing up with each passing day. Hailing technological advancements, online shopping has become a common trait of the civilized world. Investing in an E-store is therefore a lucrative offer. But which site would suit your investments? Where and how to invest remains to be answered. This is done by our experts at work who derive their experience and insight from the industry dynamics and mark the best investment opportunities for you.  

Analyze your Return on Investment 

We help you analyze your return on investment in multiple E-business options and choose the ones that offers maximum returns on your investment. E-store owners are constantly on a lookout for investors. Platforms like crowdsourcing and others are a way to find multiple buyers at a time. You may choose to invest in one store at a given time or multiple stores to minimize your risk. 

Value assessment of the E-Store 

Our consultants assess the value proposition of the online retail stores and help you identify the option that may add more value to your investments 

Startups in the E-business 

E-commerce investment is a thriving business. The issue most investors may seem is the mushrooming startups that may not offer a promising future returns. Investing in startups is a risky business however, it may be fruitful too owing to different factors. Discuss with our experts your prospects of investing in startups that maximizes your ROI. 


Real Estate Consulting

Our real estate consultancy is supported by our deep rooted knowledge of real estate markets worldwide. Therefore, our services in turn produces fast and noticeable results for businesses entering the real estate business or dealing with complex real estate issues. 

Complete real estate services 

We offer following real estate consulting services: 

  • Market studies 
  • Portfolio services 
  • Due Diligence 
  • Lease advisory, fee and leasehold interests 
  • Debt and equity positions 
  • Securities investments 
  • Property analysis and valuation  
  • Transaction advisory services 
  • Asset and portfolio positioning and repositioning 
  • Portfolio strategy 
  • Real estate financial analytics and modeling, and more. 

Turn challenges in to opportunities 

We at Genius Visionary aim to provide an experienced and proven Real Estate Consulting service that helps companies turn their challenges in to opportunities for growth, transform critical real estate issues in to resilience, and long-term advantage. 

Forward looking insights 

Whether you are a business owner, investor, lender or intermediary, our real estate experts help you grow your business by successful investments or partnerships that adds value to your investments.  



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