Krishna Mohan Featured on FOX TV show: The Morning Blend to receive his Amazon top-Selling author award from the publisher TC Bradley. 


“Elite Real Estate Professionals, Top Leaders In The Industry!” reached number 1 on the Amazon Best Seller List, on the day the book debuted.

“Krishna Mohan is an amazing business leader, and I am thrilled we signed him to this book deal,” 
-publisher TC Bradley



Get your copy here-> Elite Real Estate Professionals


FOX TV 2nd Segment

FOX TV show --Business Leaders Spotlight Krishna Mohan Speaks One On One.



Digital Transformation with Jack Maher
- featuring Krishna Mohan

The Digital Dialog show offers a range of guests the opportunity to share their experiences, their work, their art, their ideas, and their messages with Jack & Jay, the other guests, and the world. This is a forum for feedback and expression.



In this episode, co-hosts Jack Maher and Jay Matta speak with Robert "Lion" Wink about his book "Secrets to Non-competitive Government Contracts", and how he can help businesses be competitive for competive opportunities, and non-competitive opportunities to do contract business with the government.



Krishna shares about his experiences and opportunities, including insight into his book "How to Find $10K Within 45 Minutes".